About Woolly Bath

Woolly Bath Soap Company & Body Care by Carolyn Agopsowicz Designs is all vegetarian and palm oil free handmade artisan natural soaps, body butters, lotions, sugar scrubs and more! Order online and pick up for free in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

Woolly Bath really came about as I was searching everywhere for a real Castile soap. Castile soap, a real Castile soap, is to be made out of 100% olive oil and is recommended as the best soap for felting. Felting is what I was really into. I was making my own clothing and fashion accessories as well as teaching classes at the Edmonton Weavers Guild.

I discovered that not only can you not buy a true Castile soap commercially, but every soap I found contained palm oil in their ingredients list, often as the first one. Ingredients are always to be listed in order of quantity starting largest to smallest. This scared me, I know how bad palm oil is and the effects of deforestation of the rainforest is for the planet. It only took me 30 seconds to confirm that sustainable palm oil was a bunch of BS so I decided that is it. I refuse to support companies that not only do not support the environment but are taking actions to destroy our planet’s water source, fresh air and causing species extinction. Do I sound like one of those social justice warriors? I hope not, I am just super passionate about doing what is best for the environment and for my own person. 

This lead me to do a little more research. I wanted to know, why is palm oil the first ingredient in so many soap makers recipes? The answer my friends - it is cheap and it reduces the cure time by two weeks so you can sell faster. However, it does have some positive skin benefits beyond being super cost-efficient. All of its benefits though are found in every other available oil for making soap. 

And who is the “me” behind Woolly Bath?

Well, that would be me, Carolyn Agopsowicz. Originally from small-town Saskatchewan, I have lived in Alberta for half of my life now having come out to Red Deer College after high school. I studied Fine Arts and got my degree there. I moved to Edmonton, Alberta over 10 years ago. 

I work full time for an advertising agency which does great work (I do not think I am biased), as a digital marketing specialist. I love my job, I love the company I work for and it took me most of my adult life to find that "perfect" place for me to work at. 

What I love even more than helping other small businesses being successful in marketing is making art. With soap making, the art is the design of what the bar will look like when done. I have sketchbooks dedicated to designing and formulating new designs. I also find formulating soap for different skin types and conditions to be an art. Determining which blend of oils and essential oils will work for dry or oily skin while still smelling good is definitely an art form - or more accurately, a science, but to me, science is art. 

I also get the most amazing support from my partner Denis who is also an amazing artist as well as a tattooer. Denis helps me every single weekend to work my farmers market table and I could not do it without his constant support. Thank you Denis!

Want to meet me in person?

Woolly Bath at Miller Crossing Farmers Market.
  • Woolly Bath is at the Sherwood Park Farmers Market every Wednesday from 3 - 7pm. During fall - spring, that market is indoors at 201 Festival Way in Sherwood Park. This location has lots of free parking and close to 30 local businesses.
  • Woolly Bath will be at a few Fall/Winter markets this 2021 PLUS you can find Woolly Bath in select locations in Edmonton and Sherwood Park. Visit this page for the full list of where to purchase in person.